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It is fun and simple furnishing a house for your hamsters. A nesting house should be provided – commercial or home made is fine – with nesting material to allow the hamster to construct a comfortable nest. Facial tissue, soft paper towels, emptied toilet rolls, some crushed papers, commercial cotton bedding or other soft materials can be offered. The nest material should be cleaned out only every month or two as needed. But more frequent changes may be too disruptive to the hamster.

However, regular checks and removal of any stored food materials is recommended. Hamsters need the opportunity to chew, burrow, and get exercise. Almost all hamsters will use a hamster wheel enthusiastically. Running helps your hamsters to exercise and also to relief them of their boredom.

Also provide some tunnels or tubes, like paper towel or toilet paper, fresh branches, like willow, or fruit wood, and pesticide free of course, small cardboard boxes, and blocks of wood etc. for climbing and gnawing. A mineral salt block is recommended for gnawing. Hamsters will spend lots of time trimming their teeth.

For water, a water bottle with a dispenser is preferred as it can’t tip and keeps the water clean. Other than water bottle, ashallow food bowl of ceramic or porcelain is the best choice as they are difficult to tip and easy to clean. Always change the water regularly. Fresh water must be provided.