How do I know if my Chinchilla is attached to me

Attach to Chinchilla

Chinchillas become attached to their owners and will even rub their heads on them to show affection. They will welcome your arrival with a soft “chinchilla chuckle.” Open the cage door, and they will jump into your hands. Socialized chinchillas love attention and will play with you for hours, but they can take up a lot of your time. You may want to consider buying a companion for your furry friend.

To stay healthy and happy, a chinchilla needs supervised exercise periods outside its cage. Before you let the animal out of its cage for its evening romp, however, remove any breakable objects and block off access to spaces behind refrigerators, ovens and cupboards. While the chinchilla is exploring, watch it carefully to make sure it doesn’t gnaw on electrical cords or your furniture!


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    I have a male cat and he’s the only male cat out of 6 females and i gave them alot of attention but my male gives me attention alot of time

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