Rabbit humping

Rabbits mount for two reasons: either to mate, or to express dominance. If an unfixed male mounts an unspayed female, you can be certain that they are mating. Even males that are fixed will often mount unspayed females. Usually if a female is spayed and the male is neutered, the mounting will stop as the male loses interest in the female sexually.

But why do females mount males? Or why do two rabbits of the same sex mount? They are expressing dominance, and usually after the alpha bunny has made it clear that he/she is in charge, the mounting stops.

An intact male rabbit may hump his owner’s leg, arm, or anything within reach. A humping toy may be provided to alleviate some of these sexual frustrations. If a humping toy is not available, such action should be stopped immediately to prevent cultivated bad habits, and also to avoid violence.

To prevent such acts from happening, spaying not only stops it but also prevent unwanted babies.

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