House train rabbit

House train rabbit

It is fun to see bunnies hopping around but it wouldn’t be enjoyable anymore if you have to clean them up all the time. Therefore, they have to be house trained, just like dogs. You would need the following items to house-train them.

1) Cat Litter Bin
2) Cat Litter
3) Litter Scoop

Place the Cat Litter Bin (fill with cat litter to about 2cm deep and place some of the bunny’s droppings on the bin) next to the cage and restrict the area in which you let your bunny explores (start with a small area).

Before your bunny goes out for a run, put them in the bin so that they can sniff their droppings. Then let them explore around but keep a close watch on them. When they do their business anywhere other than the bin, say a loud “No!” and bring the bunny to the bin. You would need to repeat this a few times before they understand what you are trying to teach them.

Have patience and you will be duly rewarded. To eliminate wastage of cat litter, use the litter scoop to remove soiled cat litter and top up with fresh ones. If bin is heavily soiled, then replace all the cat litter.

Once the bunny gets used to using the litter bin when he is out, you can place the bin further away from the cage and give him a bigger area to run. Slowly increase the distance of the bin from the cage and the area in which he is allowed to explore. As he learns where his ‘toilet’ is, no matter where you let him explore, he will get back to the litter bin. Then you would have a ‘house-friendly’ bunny.

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