Training rabbit

Training rabbit

Other than litter training, most rabbits can be voice-trained to obey certain commands. With a little patience, you’ll find that training will help save your furniture and such from destruction. Don’t give up if rabbit does not respond immediately, it takes a few days to weeks. Older rabbits are also much easier to train.

Saying No :-

* Most useful command. Just follow instructions below. Do’s and Don’ts

* Do repeat the “NO” command loudly after bunny has misbehaved. Drag bunny away from scene of crime.

* Do place him back in the cage if he returns to destruction immediately.

* Do not hit the rabbit. Apparently, this doesn’t work.

* Do always use the same command. Alternating between NO and DON’T will confuse bunny even more.

Other commands :-

* “Mum Mum”. To lure bunny to his food. Most of the time, they’re so tuned in to food that a rustle of plastic bag containing food will rouse them.

* “Home”. To get bunny back into his cage.

* “Back”. I use this to shoo Fuz out from rooms that he’s not allowed in.

* “Stop”. This is good for freezing bunny in his tracks. If it fails, just stamp very hard on the ground, your bunny will freeze as it’s a sign of danger.

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