Rabbit rules

Rabbit rules

Never give your bunny foods that contains sugars.

Never feed your bunny lettuce, cabbage, or celery (they contain too much water which can lead to diarrhea in some bunny and they have little nutritional value) or potato peels (they may contain chemicals that have been absorbed).

Never feed your bunny grass from the side of the road, or grass sprayed with chemicals.

Never let your bunny soak in a pail of water while bathing. If you must, put your bunny in a basin of water, remember to bath it fast, as soaking your bunny in water might let your bunny catch a cold.

Never leave anything small and dangerous within your bunny’s reach. Small mothballs are good examples of bunnys death.

Never allow a mature rabbit to come into contacts with a smaller rabbit, unless with proper supervision, to avoid fights.

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  1. phillipa on November 17 at 6:14 am

    can rabbits eat apples ??

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