Rabbit care

Rabbit care

1. Leave the new bunny along for 3 days (try not to handle them even though they seem so adorable) so that they can settle down on their new environment. Too much stress during this crucial stage of adjustment may result in death.

2. Generally bunnies do not need to bathe as this will be putting them under undue stress. If you must clean them, use very mild soap (do not use detergent) and warm water. If they are not very dirty, just use a damp cloth/ towel and gently wipe them down. Make sure they are dried thoroughly (you can blow them dry with a hair dryer on low heat), so they don’t catch a cold.

3. Bunnies must be kept away from direct sunlight and in a will ventilated environment.

4. Bunnies need hay to remove hair-balls accumulated in the stomach. Alfalfa Hay is good for babies ( 7wks – 6mths), as they mature, cut down on Alfalfa Hay and feed them Timothy Hay instead. They should be given an unlimited supply of hay daily.

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