More rabbit care

More rabbit care

1. Do not feed bunnies any form of vegetables or fruits until they reach at least 4 to 6 months of age. Introduction of veggies and fruits at an early stage may cause terrible diarrhea, which may lead to death. Do not feed bunnies cabbages as they can cause diarrhea, and cause tummy to get upset (at any bunny age).

2. Amply fresh supply of water must be given daily. Otherwise, water in a drinking bottle can be refilled regularly.

3. Bunny pellets (bunny feed) must be replaced daily as well, therefore, try not to give your bunnies too much food at one go. Give only what they can finish so as to reduce wastage. Once in awhile, you can mix raw oats or bread with their pellets as a treat. A good diet is reflected by your bunny’s fur, so it is important to feed them with quality pellets that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

4. Last but not least, your bunny requires lots if Tender Loving Care (TLC). It is best to let them out for a run once a day, while you are relaxing. They love to explore, but be careful about the wirings in the house as they are very fond of chewing.

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