Pot-Bellied Pig Health

Potbellied-pig health

Like any other pet, your pig will require vaccinations and regular checkups. Pot-Bellied Pigs are prone to sunburn and frostbite, so taking special precautions in summer and winter months is crucial.


6 weeks: Atrophic Rhinitis, Erysipelas, Leptospirosis, TGE

9 weeks: Booster

Annually: Booster all

Pigs require attention, discipline and a space they can call home. Given the proper guidance, Pot-Bellied Pigs are enjoyable pets that integrate well with families.

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  1. paula ( Pigs name Norman ) on November 4 at 9:54 am

    Ive fed my pot bellied pig Norman today and he’s freaked out when he’s chewed and apple he’s spat it out and run round the kitchen as though he’s in pain crying. Do pigs have problems with there teeth? The vet couldnt get near him as he didnt like her so she gave him antibiotics and pain killers. Bless the poor wee man . Any ideas as to what this might be?

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