Potbellied pigs potty training

Potbellied pig potty training

1. Potty training is made easy by the pig; he prefers one spot. Choose it well, because changing spots, as you can do with a cat’s litter box, doesn’t sit well with the pig. Softwood shavings, e.g., pine, are recommended, in a space big enough for the pig to turn around. Make sure the space of choice will accommodate a full grown pig.

2. Don’t be overly fastidious. When cleaning the litter area, leave a dropping or two to remind the pig that “this is the place.”

3. Initially, keep the pig confined to the litter area with his living area adjacent to it.

4. Training may be time consuming for a week, sometimes less. Every two hours, three at most, lead your pig to the litter area. It may do nothing but snuffle about but will stay dry. However, it will learn to recognize where to go when it has to go.

5. Pigs are smart; even piglets. Do not reward good potty behavior. If the pig associates food and potty, it’ll fake you out as quick as Jim Brown when he used to thread NFL defenses.

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