Potbellied pig house and yard space

Potbellied pig house and yard space

1. Got a spare bedroom? That’s the pig’s. Go down to the Goodwill and stock up on blankets. Among these your pig will scrabble, chew, root, scuffle and generally pile them into an acceptable accommodation. Anything down filled will mean disaster; the pig will tear it apart.

2. Let the pig roam your house, but, be mindful, for its first year it may have occasional accidents. The best approach is to confine it for the first six months.

3. Pigs prefer a constant temperature around 70 degrees. Nevertheless they do need some yard time. Pot-Bellied pigs are diggers, like all pigs. Your manicured lawn and flowery perennials will be history if you don’t protect them. If your pig’s of a mind, he’ll root to China. He’ll also root right under a fence and escape. A special “exercise” enclosure should include buried, mildly electrified wiring, much the same as commercial hog producers use.

4. Another option is to construct a rooting box, big enough for a full grown pig. Fill it with round stones, ensuring they are large enough not to be inhaled.

5. Inside, the pig will select some rubbing spots. As luck has it, your best piece of furniture will be it. This is normal pig behavior, necessary because it loses its hair about twice annually.

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