Play with your mouse

Mouse play

A healthy mouse is lively and curious and eager to explore the “whole wide world”. To do this, it can gnaw its way out of the cage. Mice learn quickly to climb into its owner’s hand (especially if you offer treats) and then up to the shoulder.

Mice also love to explore pockets to see if there are any treats in there, and to run inside sleeves . You shouldn’t wear your best clothes while playing with mice — there may appear tiny little holes in the clothes. You can construct a labyrinth from cardboard rolls and boxes and put nicely smelling treats in the end of the labyrinth.

You can also construct a miniature fence tract and coax your mouse to run it through. Mice love to be caressed and scratched gently behind the ear.

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  1. iluvcheese on August 20 at 9:49 pm

    im getting a mouse soon and this was really helpful thanks so much.

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