What to feed hedgehog

Feed hedgehog

The hedgehog diet is omnivorous, high in protein and low in fat. High fat foods adversely affect the hedgehog’s health and longevity. To minimize obesity, ad lib feeding of adults should be discouraged. One should feed in the evening a portion size that is almost completely consumed by morning.

Only a small amount of food need be present during the day for a snack. A sample diet for an adult hedgehog for one day is: 2-3 Tbsp dry (or mixture of dry and canned) reduced-calorie cat food; 1-2 Tbsp mixed fresh vegetables and 3-5 insects 3-4 times a week.

Invertebrates are important to the diet, especially for breeding sows, and may include mealworms, worms, insects, and crickets. Commercial complete hedgehog diets are being developed and should be used if available.

To introduce individuals to new diets, mix new foods gradually into the old. It helps to have all chunks or pieces of the new and old diets the same size and relative consistency.

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