Solid-Colored Syrian Hamster

Solid-color syrian hamster

Syrian Hamsters have been kept as pets only since the 1940s. They are now popular throughout the world and breeders have produced at least 100 varieties. Solid-colored varieties include Cinnamon, Gray and White.

Wild hamsters live in underground burrows – twisting tunnels with chambers used as bedrooms, storage areas and toilets. Hamster homes made of tubular plastic can recreate natural burrows and are great fun for pets and owners alike.

As well as hamster mix, small amount of other cereals can add interest to the diet. Try pieces of hard bread, good quality dog kibble, barley, wheat, oats and chicken scratch or chicken feed. Corn and sunflower seeds, to be fed moderately, are favorite treats.

Hamsters are solitary animals, and adults will fight with each other. To breed hamsters place a male and a female in a box together. Watch carefully and separate them if they start to fight. After mating, return the hamsters to their own cages.

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