Patterned Syrian Hamster

Golden hamsters have been bred in a number of different fur patterns. The Tortoiseshell is blotched with a solid color, yellow and white. Banded have a white band around the middle of their body. Spotted or Piebald hamsters have white spots.

Hamsters are most active at dawn and dusk, especially from 8 to 11 pm. Provide an exercise wheel, fixed to the side of the cage. Not one with open bars, which can cause leg injuries. If the wheel squeaks at night, lubricate with harmless cooking oil, such as vegetable oil.

Give small pieces of fruit and vegetables such as carrots, salad, turnip, beans and peas, grapes and apple. Hamsters have a huge pouch in each cheek, which they tightly pack with food to carry back to their underground store.

Pregnancy in hamsters is very short and lasts only 15 to 18 days. Usually 4 to 12 pups are born, but some mothers may have more than 20 in a single litter. Cover the breeding cage and keep in a quiet place. Provide strips of paper for beddings.

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