Other syrian hamster

Angora hamsters have long, soft hair. Generally pale in color, the hair is the longest in male animals and forms a skirt at the side.

Rex hamsters have a short, soft wavy coat that feels like velvet. Satin golden hamsters have shiny, silky hair.

Angora hamsters must be brushed regularly – use a soft toothbrush. Hamsters become tame if handled, but they are nocturnal animals. Some can be grumpy and may bite if disturbed during their daytime sleep, so they may not be the best pet for young children.

Collect wild plants for your hamster from clean, untreated areas. Choose fresh grass, dandelion, plantain and clover. Hamsters also like nuts, such as acorns, but never give them horse chestnuts – they are poisonous. Remember, nuts are fattening, so give in moderate amount.

Baby hamsters are born at night and are nursed by their mother for 3 to 4 weeks. At birth the helpless pups are blind, deaf and naked. They can only crawl with their front legs. After 8 days, the fur starts to grow and the eyes open at 12 days.


  1. Anonymous on January 2 at 8:18 pm

    Great advice!!! The parts about feeding fresh picked plants really did help me out.

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    Great advice!!!! The part about feeding fresh picked plants really did help me out.

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    I’d really like to get a hamster and am trying to convince my parents. This website have really boosted my knowledge on hamsters and has been very helpful. My parents are now taking my request more seriously thanks to these wonderful articles!!!!

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