Taming hamster

You’ll want to handle the hamsters on a daily basis if you want them to be friendly. When you handle, make sure your hands are clean. Strange smells can frighten some hamsters, and other smells might convince them that you are something good to eat.

When you first begin to tame your little hamsters, just put your hand in the cage and let them approach you. Don’t make sudden moves or otherwise that would scare them off.

People are frequently advised to pick up hamsters by the base of their tails. You can do this with most hamsters and its convenient for a lab or pet shop, but they aren’t going to appreciate it and this is not going to calm their fears of you. Scoop them up by their underside, supporting their feet.

Always handle them with care to gain their trust that your hands are safe. If you happen to drop them, their trust of your hands would be minimized greatly, and might cause them to back off when your hands approach them. In some cases, some hamsters might even bite.

An advise, always handle with extreme care and never lift your pet too high or far from the base of a support like a bed.

Have fun taming your little ones and shower them with your tender love.

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