Pregnant hamster

First of all, congratulations to you.

Keep your hamster well-nourished. Added protein, like egg white, might be a good idea. It has been suggested that one of the reasons hamsters eat their young is because they need the protein from them after birth – but this has not been proven, and there are probably other factors.

PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BABIES. This changes the scent on the babies, and confuses the mother. She may not think they are her babies, and won’t care for them properly — she might even eat the babies.

If your hamster does eat some of its young, don’t be alarmed. If your hamster had a large litter, she may get rid of some of the babies because she can take better care of a smaller number. Your hamster might also eat its young because of the different conditions of domestication (as opposed to its life in the wild). And also might be due to some babies are too weak therefore the hamster will eat away its young.

To reduce the likelihood of the babies being devoured by their parents, separate the father from them as soon as possible, and when you deem it safe, separate the mother from them. You should be aware that the time you separate the father from the mother varies from species to species. Case in point: The Syrian or the Golden hamsters should only be together for mating, whereas dwarf hamsters can be kept together because they mate for life, and the father helps raise the young.

These figures are all for the Golden Hamster, but are probably pretty close to any other breed of hamster:
Puberty: 4-5 weeks
Optimum beginning breeding age:
males: 10-12 weeks
females: 16-20 weeks
Estrus: Every 3-4 days
Gestation period: 16-18 days
Litter size: 1-18 (average is about 8)
Birth weight: 1/14 to 1/8 oz
Weaning age: 3-4 weeks

For Dwarf Hamsters:
Puberty: 4-5 weeks
Optimum breeding age: whenever they’re ready!
Gestation period: 18-21 days
Litter size: 1-14 (average 4)
Weaning age: 3-4 weeks

All the best to your mother hamster and youngs.

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  1. alayna on September 16 at 5:20 pm

    my hamster zoey had wet tail she only lived 6 months befor she died on February 2, 2010. The next day we got a hamster named peper he is really hyper. He won the hamster ball durby at petco. It was amazing.

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