10 Tips On How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

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    1. Start Young: Start them young so that they will get used to brushing from an early age. Just like training a dog, we want them to be comfortable with brushing teeth from young.

    2. Don’t Rush: When starting to brush your dog’s teeth, don’t rush if they reject it at first.

    3. Use Dog Toothpaste With Flavor: One way to make them love brushing teeth is the flavoured toothpaste for dog. They come in beef, chicken, lamb.

    4. Be Gentle: Puppy teeth is soft so be gentle.

    5. Let Them Think Brushing Is A Game: All dogs love to play. So make brushing teeth as a game & not a chore.

    6. Award: Award them with happy words & encouragment after brushing. Don’t give treat as the main point of brushing is to clean their teeth.

    7. Use Suitable Toothbrush & Toothpaste: Use dog toothbrush or kids toothbrush for dogs. As for toothpaste, use only dog toothpaste. Dog cannot use human tootpaste as they may be toxic for dogs. Besides dog can’t gargle.

    8. Remember To Clean The Inside Of The Teeth: Ocasionally we tend to forgot to clean the inside area of the teeth, usually concentrating on the front side only.

    9. Try Using Finger As Toothbrush: If using toothbrush fails, try using your finger as toothbrush. 😉

    10. Prolong Life: What is the main reason to brush our dog’s teeth? It’s to prolong their life. Dogs with bad teeth usually will have less appetite, slum into depression and so on. A healthy teeth is a happy dog!



    Please don’t use human toothpaste, it can make him sick.You should first rub your fingers to your dog’s mouth and if he permits it. you can wrape your finger in sterile gauge first and put a dab toothpaste on it.

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    If you have a stubborn dog that refuses to get his teeth brushed, give him a dog treat that is designed for teeth cleaning. I like to use SPINZ, a dog bone that scrapes against the teeth, cleaning them during the process. It also has parsley in it so that your dog walks away with fresh breath =]



    Thanks for Sharing this one. great post!



    I have no need to brush my dogs teeth, they are pearly white. Dry food and bones do the job



    Wow… i felt bad when i saw this, my dogs coming up to 2 years old and ive never brushed her teeth! I do use the treats that do it though, phew!!!



    Yea, I always heard it was better to just use bones that assist in dental health. I have never seen anyone brush a dog’s teeth.


    Melissa A

    Thank you for this thread. I have never been able to brush my dogs teeth, I have found Greenies, Dental Smartbones, and Dental Clens pads work awesome for my dogs! 😀



    Thanks for sharing the tips. I just need it.

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