2 Ferrets: Should I take them in? Oy!

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    Hi everyone. I know it’s been forever since I’ve been on here but thoght I’d post this amoung ferrety friends and see what you guys say. Here’s what’s happening:

    A friend of mine asked me today if I would like to have his two ferrets. It was kinda out-of-the-blue, so I was like “Uhhhhh!!!”. He said he simply can’t keep them anymore, no time to let them out of their cage and so on. He wants me to take them because he knows I would take good care of them.

    I asked if they were healthy? Or if they had any known health issues/complications? And if they had proper weight and a good healthy coat? He said they were healthy and were utd on shots. I also asked him if he could provide both ferrets medical records by getting them from his vet and he said that he could.

    I also asked if they were biters or if they’ve been trained not to bite? Then I asked how they were with cats and dogs and with eachother. He said they did not bite, get along fine, was good with dogs, and liked to chace cats (lol).

    I have one ferret right now, Sontaeruh. I told him that if I took his ferrets, we would have to see how Sontaeruh reacted to them and visa-versa. And that if they didn’t get along then he would have to take them back. He agreed. (Just a note: Both of his ferrets are about the same age as Sontaeruh.)

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’m a little nervous about taking them in… I think the main reason I’m nervous is because I’m nervous about anything being transferred to Sontaeruh. Yeeeaaars ago, I let my two ferrets, Kiela and Ceillia, have a play date with a friend’s (different friend) ferret, Kenya, and, supposedly, (vet said) Kiela got a fatal desease from Kenya. (I have reasons to doubt vet’s answer in Kiela’s death.) Ever since then I never let Ceillia near any other ferrets. Fast forward to Sontaeruh, my ferret now: Sontaeruh is 4 years old and I’ve never let her near another ferret either.

    So I kinda don’t want his ferrets but then I kinda do. IF mine and his do get along, it would be nice for her to have a couple of playmates. She’ll only sleep in her cage (same with his), but when out, she’ll only play if I’m 100% playing back, otherwise she just goes back to sleep. Her personality is rather calm for a ferret. So that also, makes me not sure how she would react to another ferret.

    I’m offered animals ALL THE TIME – like literally. Cats are a deffinate No! (I have plenty, lol.). Dogs, though slightly tempted are a no. And any other critter has been a no. But now that it’s a ferret … it made me go hmmmm??? I mean, IF they got along, Sontaeruh would have someone to play with – **ferret style**, lol.

    OKAY … so TOTALLY rambling here…. Guess I’m just trying to figure my thoughts and feelings out. Lol. Indicisiveness sucks, lol.

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