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    I have three ferrets that need a new home immediately. They all have completely different personalities…

    Scooter- all white ferret, LOVES to play. His favorites are ping pong balls and tug of war. He likes to play rough and has tons of energy! He is afraid of baths. He is easy to train for treats when the other two are not around distracting him. Also, he is a climber! You’ll be amazed how fearless this little guy is.

    Tina-Bear- (the baby) is a little girl with attitude. She’s the dark one. Her favorite thing is water! She even tries to play in her waterbowl… but we much prefer to put her in a shallow bath tub so she can snorkle (blow bubbles under water) without making a mess! When you play with her, she rolls over on her back so you can tickle her belly.

    Punky- the oldest, is multi-colored. His fur is a different than the other two and his head is bigger too! He’s a lover, and you know if he likes you because he will lick you. He’s not fond of bathtime either. Although he hates being held, he has a very mellow personality and likes being pet softly while he sits on a doggy bed relaxing and grooming himself. He likes the game of ‘chase’. He will not bite, even when provoked or playing. We got him from another owner who kept him in his cage alone all day, so it took him a long time just to learn how to play. Regardless he is a sweetheart. He lives for his ‘treat’ (ferret vite). That is the only treat he will eat besides their regular food.

    Both Bear and Scooter enjoy ferret treats on top of their daily supplement. Scooter will eat it and wait for another, or until you make him do another trick… and Tina-Bear will take it and run off and hide it. She has a knack for hiding all of their toys too!

    I want to keep them together, and I want them to stay with the giant cage I bought for them. I can’t stand the thought of them being kept in a small area. Ferrets are energetic animals that need to run. They recquire 2 hours out of their cage of exercise MINIMUM. They currently are use to being out of their cage at least 5 hours a day.

    I would love for them to go to a family who has had ferrets before so they know what they’re getting themselves into. Ferrets are not animals that can be locked up all day, so I am looking for a good home for these lil guys.

    I am moving before June 1st. So I please call if you are interested.

    They will be coming with…
    -Marshal Ferret Estate Ferret Home –I paid $200.00 for it.
    -hamocks, food dishes, litterbox, poop scooper
    -Pine Litter (note: you have to use dust free litter for ferrets)
    -2 bags of food. They eat 8in1 ultimate crunchy advanced nutrition. (You can order it at ferretdepot.com for only $9 a bag vs. $18in store… it saves A LOT of $)
    I’m guessing they go through a bag a month. I’ve tried a couple different kinds of food and this one seems to be the best.
    -2 types of treats
    -Ear drops
    -Daily vitamin supplement
    -Ferret perfume/deodorizer

    All three ferrets need their shots for the year.

    Only inquire if you are truly interested and over the age of 18.
    Call or text 248 390 5582 Allison + Donny
    I have more pictures I can e-mail.
    Some are on craigslist post: http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/pet/1740795260.html.

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