3 week old degu

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    I have a 3 week old baby degu. Mayb a lil bit older, but not by much. He was abandoned by his momma after the other 3 died. She and his dad were really mean…we have 3 others from a differnt litter, but they are all about a month older than he is, so they ingnore him because hes so little. Is there anything I can do for him so he won’t die? Im really trying to keep him but I dont know what to do. We’ve never had one this little that didnt have a momma.

    My little guy knows how to eat on his own, I’ve watched him do it, but it doesnt do it very often. Im also worried he doesnt know where the water bottle is, or doesnt know how to make it work. Is there a way to bottle feed him at least so he doesnt starve? He sleeps a lot too, right now hes asleep in my hoodie pocket. He could probly stay here all day if I would let him.

    So anyone that has ever been in this situation before trying to save a baby degu, please help. Thanks. -Hope

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