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    True story…altered it a bit to make it more rescue-friendly:)

    So, a man who works for the airlines in moving the pet cargo from one plane to the other. He checks each one and suddenly he comes across a dead poodle. “OH MY GOD!” he exclaims “I have to replace it or else the owners will be so pissed!” So, he goes to every adoption center in town and finally finds a dog who looks like it. Buries the dead dog and put the live dog in the crate and ships it off. Two days later, he finds out from headquaters that the original dog had died from old age and the owners where shipping the dead dog to them so they could bury it! Imagine the owners surprise when out popped a live dog!

    donno…I thought it was funny:D


    S t e p h




    see, its kinda messed up but its ironic and funny….



    Is the story really true? Oh my. I could imagine the horror on the faces of the owners. 😛



    Hehe that would be sooo funny lol 🙂



    They should just make an airline where pets can travel with people. I mean the cost of boarding a dog alone is a pain.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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