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    I had a female african clawed frog for about 5 years now during which she has never had any sort of tankmate. Recently I adopted a younger male clawed frog (who looks to be about 2 years old), and neither of them seem to be getting along very well. At first I was terrified that the female should eat the male, so I separated them and fattened up the male. He has grown larger since, and he is about 1/3 of the female’s size. I had to put the frogs together today while I was cleaning the tank, and the small one attacked the bigger one! It grabbed on to its leg, bit it while wrapping its arms around the thigh. It took quite a bit of effort to separate the two. Can anyone give me some tips as to how I should go about making the frogs friends? I’ve conisdered everything from just putting them in a tank, allowing them to simply duke it out amongst themselves, to placing them together in a small bucket with not much water, allowing them to get to know each other. ANY TIPS PLEASE!?!?!

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