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    A couple months back (mid-Octoberish) I purchased two baby turtles (not my first turtles). One is a red ear slider and the other one is a florida common snapping turtle and they were only about a quarter size with the snapping turtle being a slightly bigger. I’ve kept them in a 10 g tank, water temperature in the high 70s and have a sufficent filter. Since I’ve had them, the RES has grown considerably (maybe a couple inches now) and the snapper has grown too but not as much. Both of them got a long very well up until a couple weeks ago, when I noticed my snappers tail bleeding and even saw my RES try to bite at him. I know that turtles (specifically, a RES) can be aggressive but he’s not even an adult or even a juvenile (I don’t think) yet. I seperated the two and the snappers tail looks to be healing fine, I’m just wondering what should I do about my turtle being so aggressive. How can I slow down his appetite and aggression?



    I had the same problem with my RES. I got her a few months ago along with a S. Painted turtle. They got along great until last week. The RES grew much larger than my painted turtle and became very aggressive. She went straight for my PT’s tail everytime. I had to separate them into different tanks and due to limited space had to give my RES away. Did your snappers tail heal?? My PT’s tail is swollen and has a transparent/white film on it. Not sure what that means and can’t find any answers in the books or on the web.



    I thought I was the only one who experienced this problem, glad to know there are more people out there.

    But no, my Snapper’s tail has not returned back to it’s original color and it also has a white and transparent color on the very end of his tail. I also did some researching (a lot of it) and couldn’t find any information either. What I did was seperate the two for about a week and let the snapper’s tail heal up. Constantly changed the water so his tail wouldn’t get infected. Even with my snapper’s tail looking discolored at the tip, he looks like he will be ok (that was about two months ago).

    Since I first posted this I’ve experimented with a lot of things. And it’s worked for the most part.

    Turned down the water heater, so the water is exactly at 70 degrees (it was around 75 to 78). I know heat makes turtles more active and what not, making it a little cooler made my RES less aggressive…still hungry though. I also, added a lot of gold fish to the tank (10 to 15 at a time) to take my RES’s attention off of the snapper. And it’s worked very well…

    I think I posted this like two months ago and for the past two months I’ve caught my RES bite at my snapper like maybe once or twice. It isn’t good but lightyears better than what it was before…

    I will keep experimenting with different things and keep everyone posted.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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