Anyone keep cray fish?

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    So I purchased a pretty blue $2.00 cray fish from a pet store about 2 years ago. I now have had about 30!! The first one “gave birth” about 6 months after I got her and I thought it was rather odd but well, maybe they store sperm or something. I removed all the babies, gave some away I think she ate a few too. I ended up with one of the babies left and I kept “him” in a seperate tank. Well “HE” had babies!!, I think he ate most of them but I kept one of his babies, again in a seperate tank and SHE had babies!! I had NO idea they could self impregnate!! everything I’ve read talks about how they mate but now I’ve had 3 cray fish living completely alone form any other cray fish and they still had babies! Do I have a mutant strain of cray fish? 2 of them are a pretty blue color and one is brown but I know they all came from my original crayfish.

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