Appropriate cage for Cockatiel and Parakeet

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    I have a cockatiel and a parakeet and they are in the same cage together and like each other really well (the parakeet even mimics her ‘chirp’ now) and i was going to get a bigger cage for them to be together but i don’t know the appropriate cage for both of them. i plan on getting a big cage but the bar space is the issue. i dont know what would be right for both of them since the parakeet is obviously smaller and i dont want to get a cage with a bar space that is too small for the cockatiel nor too big for the parakeet. i found this big cage online that was 3/8 bar space and i was just wondering if that was maybe too small for the cockatiel? i want her to be able to move around comfortably around the cage. i have a bigger cage other than the smaller cage they’re in right now but the bar space is too big for the parakeet and im afraid hes going to get his head stuck or hurt himself or herself, plus i dont want to seperate them. any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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