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    I don’t think I posted about my new fish here. They are 2 baby platys. I got them from someone who use to be my friend (long story). I got 2 rats from her too. But I wont go into that here, i will post in the rat forum about them.
    Ok so she told me she had some tiny baby fish. She complained they didnt do anything and didnt eat. I wasnt looking for any fish at the time but I felt bad for them. She then continued to tell me she wished they would just die 😮 This really upset me. How can someone who claims to love animals want anything to die? Well I told her I would take them too. I tried to convince her to let me have her betta too but she was to attached to him. So I go to her house. The poor babies water was green and filled with poo. They didnt move much and i dont blame them. As soon as I got them home they got fresh water and I always put water conditioner in it. They perked right up and are just the funniest little fishies. They are alot healthier now and I am very positive they will live. They now beg for food and swim up to me and stare at me when I talk to them. They so silly things like zip all around the tank hehe. I got them this cave and they LOVE it. Well anyways, their names are Ponyo and Sosuke. It makes me really angry when i think about how uncareful and selfish this chick was being.

    On another good note I got them a 10 gallon tank yesterday. I know eventually they will need one that big. They were on sale for $9 at the pet store so I couldnt refuse it. They are regular $12. I now need to find a stand and then get toys and silk plants for them and set everything up. I couldnt get any good pictures of thme. They are way to fast. Ponyo is orange and black. I believe shes a red platy?? Shes got black lips and fins too. Her colors have brightened since shes in clean water and being fed now. Sosuke is black and white. I am honestly assuming hes a platy. I havent seen anything like him. Hes kinda striped black and white. But they are close and get along wonderfully. Sosuke is alot smaller then Ponyo which is why I am assuming hes a boy.



    well i figure since no one has commented that no one cares. But I shall update anyways. The 2 babies are still doing wonderful. They are in a 10 gallon now with 2 older platys. I had 4 older platys but 2 died. I plan on getting maybe 2 more. I researched and read that no more then 6 platys for a 10 gallon tank. I worried a little at first i admit. I wasnt sure how the older ones would react to small babies. But no fighting, no nipping even went on. They all get along wonderfully. I had no idea when I read that platys are peaceful that that meant they are VERY peaceful lol. They are just such a joy. I would post pictures but its near impossible lol. When I get the time and charge my batteries i will take a short video and post it. I can tell you their colors though. That might help you picture them in your mind lol.

    Ponyo – Golden Wagtail

    Sosuke – his color is undetermined by me. Hes black and white, but not the normal color of a platy. I figure hes mixed with other fish or is just rare. Hes adorable though.

    Sushi – Gold Mozaic, although shes really deep red. Shes got the deep red of a red platy but the markings of a mozaic. She also has kind of a mickey mouse on her tail. So yes very mixed lol.

    Calypso – Blue Platy

    My 2 platys who died were a black platy (DaVinci) and a Tuxedo platy (Gypsy) 🙁



    Awesome, will look forward to the vid of them.

    You can tell male from females. The females will have a triangular anal fin, whereas the males with have a modified anal fin, called a gonopodium.

    They are generally peaceful, but not always. Their main objectives in life is eating and breeding *L* They are NOT fry friendly fish, so if you want the fry you will need to separate from the adult.



    I think I know whos male and whos female but not 100% sure lol.

    I dont think these are fry. They are small but not tiny like platy fry. The 2 adults (i dont think they are full adults even) have been with the 2 babies for 4 weeks now i believe. They seem alright and ponyo and sosuke seem ridiculously happy now that they have some friends. 🙂 I need to get on that video lol.

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