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    My 5 yr old son wants a lizard. We have other pets but this will be our first lizard. After doing a lot of research I’ve narrowed it down to a bearded dragon or iguana. Both have their pros and cons. I’ll be the primary caretaker but my son will be the one that plays with it.

    Which has a better temperament and is more docile and loves to be handled?

    And should I get male or female? With females im afraid of her getting egg bound and with a male afraid of agression.

    Do all iguanas do the tailwhip and bite? i dont want my son to get hurt.

    I read beardies can eat up to 50+ crickets a day, is this true? How bad is the smell from crickets if I breed them? Is it easy to breed crickets?

    Does anyone have experience with these breeds that could help me?


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