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    I’ll try to make this story short. I work at a pet store. We had two cages of gerbils. An adult pair and two little babies left over from another pairs litter. Someone thought they would save cage space and put them together…. Well of course the poor little guys got beat up. I just noticed they got put together when I went to work one day and the little girls brother was dead. She was hovering over him trying to stay away from the other two. I took her out and put her in her own cage. I decided to bring her home cuz i felt really sorry for the poor little thing. She has a broken back leg im pretty sure and little bite scabs all over. Shes very skinny. Im assuming gerbils can lose weight fast cuz they were only together for a couple days? Her fur is ruffled and she squints her eyes. Shes not very active at all either. Mostly sleeps. Been feeding her KMR and making her drink. I also might have noticed her little wet bottom so i started administering the medicine dri-tail. Today I got her bene-bac. Also today I havent been noticing her eating to much of her solid food so I am crushing a little of it and mixing it with sweet pea baby food, KMR, and warm water. Shes perked up a bit and she really liked the moist food it seems. IS there any way she could have developed an RI? Cuz she clicks once in a while. Not all the time. Usually when i feed her. I dont have her on Pine, she is on paper pellets. She was on Kaytee pine in the store when i put her in a separate cage but it was only for 5 hours or less.
    Anything I can do for her? Do you think she has a sickness or is just skinny from being beaten up and just needs some special nursing till she gains weight? Also how often should i try to feed her?



    awww poor little gerbil. Its a good thing you got her now. Shes probably really upset. My best advice to you would be to take her to a vet. Just to make sure nothing serious is wrong with her.



    if she is loosing weigt and her fur is scruffy looking, there might be something wrong. she might be getting depresed being alown now, or she might be getting to much fruit and veg.
    try giving her dry food just and hand hand feeding her lots of sunflower seeds to get her weight up.
    if she dont pick up in a day you should take her to the vet if you can.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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