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    I need advice from you all on what sort of combinations between kibble and real meat, etc. you feed your ferrets. The last ferret we had passed away in January of ’09 from complications due to insulinoma and adrenal disease. Now that we have another little one, I’m constantly paranoid about giving him anything that might have any sort of carbohydrate or sugar or ingredient that might break down into a sugar. I’m even scared to give him FerretVite out of the tube now because it says it has molasses in it. You all are the ones I trust for ferrets–our vets here don’t always seem to know/understand ferrets very well. So if anyone can help me, please, I would greatly appreciate any input on what you all feed your ferrets.



    I think you already know the answer. 🙂 An all raw diet is the absolute best option for your ferret. No need to continue the kibble once you take the plunge into raw. I’m in the process of switching mine right now. Hope to get them onto a mostly whole prey diet. I’ll send you the link to an awesome resource that has helped me enormously.
    Emu oil is a good substitute for the tones!
    And a little pure pumpkin in the duck soup instead of the laxes (petroleum products also wipe out the gut flora). There are some petroleum and sugar free products out there. But if you get to feeding whole prey then the fur helps everything run along smoothly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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