Bitter chinchilla?

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    This is probably going to be sorta long, so thank you very much for reading. :]

    I got a male chinchilla a while ago, PB, and he is my baby. Thinking maybe he’d like some company while I’m at school or something, I bought a mosaic chinchilla, Beans, also male. They fought a little, nothing I was worried about. They got along fine after a little. A month ago or close to, I bought a third one, he was just so precious. I call him Boss. :]
    The trouble starts here.

    When I brought Boss in, PB started bullying him, after Boss stood up for himself, PB went on to bothering Beans, to the point of where blood was drawn. Of course I separated them and slowly put them together again. It’s odd because Beans and PB seemed really close, but they’re fine now.

    Now the actual issue: I just returned from a two week vacation a week ago, and PB has been biting me really hard ever since.
    I can’t even change their food without him trying to attack me.

    Is he mad I left? Or just mad I left him with a new mouse?

    What can I do to change his attitude?
    I love him very much and would do anything so I can be as close to him as I used to be.

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