Broken Front Gerbil Paw?

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    I went out and bought a new gerbil yesterday(First gerbil in a couple of years, used to own two females for about 6 years). I didn’t notice anything yesterday, but today I got a text from my sister while I was at work. She said my gerbil wasn’t using its front right paw. Sure enough when I got home, she wasn’t using it.

    She walks on it sometimes to maneuver herself around, but for the most part keeps it elevated and close to her body. When she does use it, it sort of is just limp and its twisted to the right a bit and she puts weight onto the left side. She still seems very active, she moves around a lot and is eating (haven’t seen her drink yet, but its close enough to the ground for her to reach it without much or any effort). She has done a little bit of mulch moving/digging but nothing serious. She mostly sleeps under a little box i got propped up in a corner.

    I don’t know where she could of gotten injured, I put the little carrier box i got from the pet store and placed it into the glass cage and tilted it slowly and she jumped right out and started moving around. I haven’t taken her out of the cage since.

    Ive done some reading and what I’ve read says that gerbil bones heal relatively quickly and I shouldn’t worry too much. Can anyone confirm this and/or anyone else had experience with a gerbil that has a injured front paw?

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