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    Wow only 2 people posted since my last update…..thats really sad.

    Anyways you probably saw on my siggy that I just have Strudel left. Thats because i had to rehome Cinnabun and CC. I didnt want to but it was for the best. We absolutly couldnt keep buying all the hay we were going through. I mean jeremy was getting down right angry about the whole thing. Well this rescue here in alliance took them. I get updates on them and can even go visit. They get more timothy hay and even get vet care even just checkups which is something i couldnt have done. They even get more veggies. They get more time out of their cage to play and all. I know many of you think i probably should have kept Cinny and CC since Cinny was older. But I couldnt split those 2 rabbits up. They care more for each other then they do for any human. Strudel on the other hand has lots of behavior issues. When i tried to rehome Strudel before being as she was the youngest the people gave her back because she started to bit and scratch them. WHen i got her back she freaked at me. Started biting me, scratching me and grunting alot and thumping her legs. Well it took a few months but shes calmed down. So Strudel has to stay with me. Shes such a brat hehe but i love her bunches.

    I dont feel like going to the guinea pig forum but the same lady who took Cinny and CC took the pigs as well. She says since they are all older, well except CC…. That she will keep them all. I can have updates anytime i want and i can come visit them anytime i want. Believe me they are better off with this lady then with me. I was barely giving the bunnies and pigs hay every other day or every 3 days. I felt horrible but i couldnt afford to go through so much hay. I made my mind up to rehome them before Paris got pregnant. I mean yeah 10 more rats is alot of work but I dont go through near as much money as i did when i had 2 more rabbits an 2 pigs.

    And taking the chance of getting flamed, I will admit i rushed into having bunnies and piggies to soon. I was so into rescueing that i wasnt thinking clearly. But they are in a great home now and get a ton more then they did here. They will be healthier and happier for it. So i didnt go out and do what so many of you claim i do which is rehome and buy more animals. Traci is full and might have to rehome some of her pets now too so i cant give her the baby rats. And this lady who took the bunnies and piggies i dont think she takes rats plus i dont wanna burden her. She just got lots of bunnies from a bunny mill around here too. So unless you all think i should give the baby rats away for free or dump them at a pet store i feel and believe i made the right choice for everyone.

    By the way no one else is getting rehomed and it will be years before i can get any new pets. Anyways wow i just totally vented in the rabbit forum hehe.



    where did you get these rescued animals? I would love to take them home too

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