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    Ive had Bear, my bun, for a while now, and i was wondering a few things, i have been trying to look them up online, but to no avail.

    Do rabbits need something specific to chew on such as bark? Would it be alright to just take some smaller limbs and put them in his cage?
    In his cage i have some shredded junk mail for the cage spread all across, is the ink in the paper not good for him? I dont see him often eating the paper, mostly just tearing it in half, but his cage is set up where theres a corner for him to do his buisness, not a box in his cage, im not sure if its different from having the paper just in a box or not.
    Is having those plastic igloo houses okay? He dosent seem to chew on it much, but the one he has now is getting a big small, and the next size up is kinda huge for his cage, so im not too sure what to do about that. Hes a very outgoing bunny, so in the summer he kept flipping over the igloo, so i would just take it out, and he seemed content, but now that its colder…
    So, i dont know. Any help is greatly appreciated!



    Rabbits definitely need something to chew on! It is fun and entertaining for them but it is also important for dental health.. their teeth are always growing and chewing on a wood block or grass hay (or apple wood branches) helps keep them properly trimmed. I would avoid the use of colored ink as bedding… and as long as he doesn’t chew on and ingest the plastic igloo it should be fine for him (although it sounds like its just a toy for him). Rabbits also tolerate cold way better than the hot weather. If it is below freezing just make sure that their water doesn’t freeze and providing a wood box for them to sleep in to keep them warm. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


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