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    We got our female netherland dwart rabbit around late November and have been having a few troubles with her. We saved her from another family who didn’t have to time for her (who other kept her down in the basement with little interaction.) When we saw her, they were able to hold her and she was pretty calm. However throughout the months we’ve had her my family has noticed some of these things:

    When we let her out (we only give her half the room by setting up a cage and putting towels around), she pees a lot frequently. However, she is litter trained, but isn’t spayed. Would spaying correct this problem?

    We aren’t able to pick her up, but I’m guessing this is just a trust issue and we need to have a little bit more patience with her. She will come to us and rub her chin on us, but when I try to pick her up I’m able to get her, but she usually just kicks so I put her back down immediately.

    Our biggest problem is getting her back. We always lure her in with a treat to reward her and try to guide her into the cage without chasing her, but sometimes she refuses to go in. She’ll just keep running around even after we’ve had her out for 30 minutes. She’ll get near the cage most of the time, but she never hops in. If we try to give her a little nudge, she’ll still refuse to go in. Is there something we are doing wrong with this and if so, can you please give some advice?

    Thanks in advance!

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