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    Well, they are still not bonded and likely never will be. I did have a funny/scary incident happen where I forgot to close one of Jell’s doors and let Butter out. Well, Butter decides he wants to see what’s in the other cage and while he is exploring, poor Jell is just looking at him like, “Hey dude, what are you doing in MY cage!”.

    About every five months or so one goes through tummy problems but its never something that an hour or so of tummy rubbing won’t cure. Luckily, when Jell has troubles he feels so lousy that he lets me snuggle him. Otherwise he is still my live wire.

    I just got a new camera-went from 6.1MP to 12MP-but these are the first pics so hang in there with quality. I did get a binky though! Now I just need to find an inexpensive photo program that takes care of red eye better than the Kodak software it came with.

    Butter continues to roll for attention when he wants Dad to pet him. And now he’s taught Jell. The funny thing is when either one rolls completely over and they look at us like its OUR fault.

    Don’t mind the mess, we are doing renovations and pulling up carpet that has been there for over 4 decades looks really ick. I do apologize.

    Now for the buns! There are a few old ones that I am not sure I posted.













    Shellie! I’m so glad to hear from you. 😀

    Glad to hear the little fuzzballs are doing well. It’s too bad that they’re still not cuddling with each other! Silly boys.
    I love that first picture of Butter in a binky. He’s such a happy boy. And Jelly is full of mischief. lol

    I completely hear you about tummy problems. Jennings still has regular issues with his tummy. He is such a shedder! It keeps getting worse and worse. Stupid funky weather. 😡
    Things tend to go back to normal within a few hours. Nothing a bit of Critical Care, baby gas medicine, tummy massages and mommy’s constant worrying can’t fix. :p

    You lucky girl! A new camera! I still have my old one from 5 years ago: 4.1 megapixels. Lol. For a photo program, you could try http://www.picnik.com. I’ve discovered this a few months ago and I like it. It does the basic stuff for free, like red eye.

    And the renovations are looking really good, actually! That’s lots of work. Are Butter and Jelly helping to pull up the carpet? 😉 I know how good they can be at that!

    How are TJ and the rest of the family (puppies and fishies included!) doing?

    Here’s a picture of Jennings at Christmas, with goodies in his stocking.



    Hi Shellie! Your bunnies are still cuties!

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