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    Well my 2nd rat, our eldest rat of all Tobi passed away on 15th January 2010
    He was 5 years old and well it was really old age took a tole on him.
    It took his back legs so he wasn’t able to eat properly so he became thin, we had to make some ajust ments around the cage for him to be able to get to water and food more easily.
    But it was still so hard seeing him growing so old and fragile like that.
    Dragging himself out of his bed day and night until he couldn’t drag himself and soiled his bed.
    I had to wash his bedding everyday and wash his belly everyother day and cut his toe nails.
    It really felt i had a baby to take care of. But thats what its all about isn’t it?
    Looking after them as much as you can and making them confortable.
    I was really glad when tobi saw christmas 2009 and new year 2010.
    I really wanted him to see them and after new year 2010 it was like…well…what now? Hes going to go soon.

    On the day of his passing i’d noticed something a bit strange in his physical features that he was very very lethargic and hes dragged himself a long way away from his bed.
    So i picked him up and he was very lethargic but still warm so it was a good sign.
    I wrapped him up in a very old fleece jumper to keep him warm and comfortable.
    After a while it became clear it might be his last night with us here.
    I noticed he had started dribbling a lot, so i thought to try and syringe him some water but he didn’t take it.
    But he did have some within his mouth so i knew he’d had at least a little bit.
    AFfter that he started deteriorating fast
    he started to have little spazms when he’d throw himself around like he was trying to lay on his other side and so forth.
    This went on for around 30 seconds every 10 minutes for the rest of the night.
    Until when he started spazming again and i tried to hold him to comfrort him, i felt his teeth against my finger and i knew he was in pain because he made my finger bleed.
    This made my heart sink, that i couldn’t do anything for him as it was so late at night.
    I wanted him to pass away at home, somewhere he knew and was happy in.
    But i didn’t want him to suffer like that.

    So it was nearing 11 and i had to go to bed for collage in the moring
    and i placed him in his cage, bundleded up in the fleece.
    In all honesty i should of let him stay in my bed with me, so i could see him pass on and be there with him.
    But i didn’t know hed pass so soon.

    About 6 minutes after i had placed him into his cage he started spazming again, this time thrashing about more and opening his mouth more, he may have had a stroke.
    After that his muscles started spazming as well, as when i settled him i could see his paws and feet twitching.
    He lay on his back more than his side, he hated laying on his back though.
    And in the moring when i woke up
    he had passed away.
    I think he had passed away some time after his stroke because he had Rigomotis when i stroked him.

    Because ichigo had passed away nearly a year before him, tobi was my last rat.
    So i’ve donated his cage to charlie who needs the bigger space.
    Its just so stressful everytime i come into my room look at where the cage used to be and just see this empty space.
    I really cannot get used to the fact i have nothing to care for anymore.

    I don’t understand how people cannot understand why i am so upset about tobi passing either?
    Its not hard to understand?
    i cared for him, raised him, took him to the vets when he was ill and had to watch him grow old and suffer?!



    I’m very sorry for your loss.

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