Cat get aggressive the older she gets

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    I have a 6 year-old cat that I have had since she was 2. When I got her, there were 3 other cats in the house, she acclimated just fine, no problems. She has always been independent and never wanted to be picked up, but she would let you pet her. I went through a divorce and was left with just her and 1 of the male cats, still, she was fine.

    I have moved and over the last year, she has become rather aggressive. She goes in and out whenever she wants, mostly stays outside. With just her and the male, she would just randomly attack him.

    We got a new female cat a couple of months ago and, even tho she doesn’t like the cat, growls and hisses whenever she sees her, she tolerates her, hasn’t gotten into a fight with her. The new female is just over a year old. A couple of weeks ago, the male cat passed away and we now have a new 4 month-old male cat. Again, she tolerates him, but hisses and growls when she sees him, doesn’t attack him.

    I would contribute it to the new cats, but she’s always done well with cats and the behavior started before we got the 2 new ones. Any time we try to get near her any more, she growls and hisses. If I try to pet her head, which she normally likes, she growls. If I can start to pet her, then she calms down a bit, but sometimes I don’t even want to try because I’m afraid she’ll attack. It also seems, the more she’s kept inside, the meaner she gets.

    All 3 cats are fixed. She is the only outdoor cat, and only because she tears up the house if she isn’t allowed out, literally tears it up.

    Why would she be acting this way? What can I do to help her?

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