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    I have 2 giant Asian upside down catfish and a pleco. (Maynard and Mr. Whiskers are my catfish and gigs is the pleco.) but any who. The catfish are usually calm and stay hidden from about 11 am til the light goes off in the tank around 11pm. I woke up this am around 5 and was watching them for about 2 hours. they usually chase each other all around and bully up on gigs. this am Maynard was as usual picking on gigs, but Mr. Whiskers was hanging out by the iso that i keep their feeders in. He wasn’t swimming around crazy like he normally does, and he looks like his markings somewhat changed. they are both black and I couldn’t get a photo of what he looks like now without turning the light on and when that happens he usually runs for cover.
    he looks like so normally…
    he seems more gray today and his white markings seem dull as well. could there be something wrong with him??? any suggestions on what to do???



    Test you water…if it all comes in within proper ranges, then he maybe stressed or ill.

    Water first then eliminate other things it may be from there



    I tested my water a week ago sat and the only abnormality was ammonia. it was at .25 i bought api brand ammo lock and used it 2x this week which brought it back to normal. tested the water yesterday and everything seemed fine. ph was 6.8 hardness 10% ammonia and nitrates at 0 alkalinity was 120. For the type of fish anywhere between 6 and 7 is good for ph and 5-25% for hardness. he seemed slightly more active this am. but not a whole lot more. and i have not yet turned on the light so I’m not sure if his color has improved.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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