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    leopard gecko15

    I just got a leopard gecko and the people at the pet store dont help at all. So i have some questions and it would be great if u can answer.

    1- how many meal wurms do i feed and when
    2- when do i turn light on and off
    3- wht do i need for it. I have a heat lamp heat bad 10 gallon tank water bowl hideout grass turf and wooden log thing. And of course my lizard dottie.
    4- wht does the temperature have to be at night and day
    5- should i take it outside or leave in cage the whole time
    6- it bit my sister so does it meen its mad:mad: or she held it wrong
    7- what should i do to make my gecko live a long and healthy life

    please help and im sorry if im rude i dont want it to die.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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