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    Hi, I’m new here. I just saw the forum’s rather quiet but I’ll take my chances.

    About 5-6 days ago I took in a wild house mouse baby, which I guessed to be around 10 days old (comparing it with the day by day pictures on funmouse or what that website is called) It had complete fur but its eyes were still closed, it also looked on the thin side.
    Now, this is the first time I’ve tried to take care of a mouse pup so my inexperience is making me a little hesitant if what I’m doing is right. That’s why I came here. Could someone help me along and point out any flaws of my care?

    SInce it came into my care, during the next…2-3 days I’ve been feeding it KMR at a ratio of 1 milk: 2 water every two hours, + night. I wasn’t sure if I guessed its age right so I decided to stick with that until I could determine a little better how old it was. I did what I found online, such as massaging the belly for stimulating excretion and such and it all looked fine, also keeping it warm at all time.
    The little one has strengthened up and is doing fine as far as I can tell. It likes to walk in my hand and is pretty active. about two days ago the mouse opened its eyes and yesterday it started hearing. I’d changed the ratio to 1:3 and added some organic whole wheat flakes to the formula since it didn’t like the cloth anymore that I fed it with. I feed it every 3 hours now, still during the night as well, but I’m not sure if I still should if it’s around 2 weeks of age… :undecided
    Since it doesn’t have any siblings to interact with, I’ve been trying to give it as much attention as I can. Letting it walk on my hand and stroke it very gently.

    I’m also a little worried, the little one started getting diarrhea a couple of days ago and it hasn’t stopped. I’m thinking I may have been overfeeding it but I need some directions on what the best schedule is.

    Also an obvious question but I’d like to hear it some someone directly, what’s the best way to start weaning and when?

    Many many thanks if people reply to it. Google isn’t helping me too much with lots of contradicting information.



    Never mind this now. It’s been very long and the mouse has grown up beautifully. The cute little guy he became hehe

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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