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    Wow i was suppose to post updated pictures of my pets. Wouldnt you know it my stupid computer stopped working. Something was screwed up with windows. Well after 2 weeks we finally got it working again. I will have to post pictures when i have more time though. I took alot too lol. I changed cages and was moving everyone around. I was pretty happy because the 2 guinea pigs i was fostering found a wonderful forever home. Well i am feeling pretty good about that whole situation. Well my little baby rat Paris escapes for her cage. I knew i should have waiting to change cages until Paris was bigger but i figure she would stay with Athena and Mimi. Well i searched everywhere. I couldnt find her. I was beginning to think she got out of this room. So i was thinking she was a goner if i couldnt find her cuz i have 5 cats. Well after the second day i was feeling pretty depressed. I thought about maybe she might be in one of the 3 male rats cages but i never saw her. I had a feeling that i should look around more in the cages and under the houses but i didnt. Well like i was saying the second day i saw her in Als cage. I got her out ASAP. She must have been in there a while cuz they werent fighting and she made herself comfy in his house. I pick her up but i dont see a plug in her. But some blood stains so i know he mated with her. So shes in a tank now so i know she wont get out. Guess i will wait and see if shes pregnant. I didnt want baby rats but i guess only time will tell.

    ANYWAYS!!! lol yeah i will try to post pictures sometime lol.

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