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    Lilac DownDeep

    Yeah I know, I’m gone for years and come back with no pets to talk about, woo.

    Hokay, where to start. Anyway my friend on MSN has a tiny gerbil named Gaspar. So she told me at some point if I knew anything about Gerbils. I don’t, but I know a thing or two about rodents since I had a bunch of mice so I asked.

    She told me her Gerbil’s gums were bleeding. I son’t know SPECIFICALLY, as I assumed it might have been incizor problems, but she told me it started after she gave him one of the harder treats, which were baked croissant snacks, and now he can barely bite his favorite hard snacks.

    Obviously I was at a loss since it seemed incizor problems is now NOT the answer. So do you guys have any ideas on what it might be?



    I have a gerbil with the same problem. I removed the plastic that cut her but after a year it hasnt healed

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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