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    Hello. My name is Bethany aka Ziaki.

    I am a rodent enthusiast. I’ve kept rats and currently have a chinchilla, mice, and rabbit. I believe that rodents and other small pets are a great loving addition to any family.

    I know that there are people out there that like to spoil their tiny friends as much as I do so I’ve opened up shop for custom cage accessories.

    This mostly includes a variety of hammocks but I will hopefully be moving on to other accessories in the near future.

    I will also do cage liners as long as you can provide the dimensions of the shelves in your cage.

    My hammocks are hand made and durable, higher quality and generally cheaper than the ones you find it large retail stores.

    I have premade sets and will do custom sets.

    Additionally your custom order is not limited to the fabrics I currently have in stock. If you can find a place for me to buy it I will use any fabric that you would like.

    You can visit my site at

    If you would like something that is not currently listed in my shop please feel free to email me at and we can discuss your custom order and pricing. If you can think it I will sew it!

    Please use “Custom Hammock Order” in your subject line so I do not delete it as spam by mistake.

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