Death of our Beloved Tweak

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    This is a sad subject but one that I have to figure out…I searched online as well but couldn’t really find an answer. Maybe someone here has some insight.

    My boyfriend and I owned 2 guinea pigs. One of them (affectionately known as “Tweak”) sadly passed away yesterday on Easter Sunday. We knew she didn’t have much longer to live as she had already surpassed a normal guinea pig life expectancy by a couple years (she was 6 years old). Never-the-less we miss her very much.

    The odd thing was the morning I found her body she was laying by the leg of our coffee table about 5 feet away from her cage which is kept on the ground. This was exceptionally weird because throughout the years of owning the two of them we had always left the side cage door open (since guinea pigs can’t climb) and not once in their whole lives had either of them attempted to escape from the cage before.

    I just really want to figure out why she possibly did what she did. Do guinea pigs have a sense of their own mortality? Did Tweak know something we didn’t that night and decided to have one last adventure on her own? Was it some kind of natural instinct that caused her to do that? If anyone has any input I’d really appreciate it. It’s been eating at me not knowing what happened during the night.

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