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    4 months ago my girlfriend brought home two Degus, which I had never even heard of before, and I still don’t know much about them. Then a week later bought two more from the same place(they had about 30 of them in like a 50 gallon tank… So we have 4 degus now, but ours are not friendly at all, can’t pet them or pick them up, when you put your hand in the cage they’ll just run away as far as they can to get away from you. Sometimes you can pet them for a half a second but no matter how gentle you are they run away. I thought it was normal, but reading about them people can actually hold theirs?

    In the middle of november, we saw two of the degus getting it on, so I looked it up and I saw they give birth in about 90 days, well its been about 110 days since then, and the degu is so fat. It has to be pregnant, but it’s been past the 90 days, is that normal?

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