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    I need to find homes for five female degus and three male degus. I am in Northwestern New Jersey, but go to school near Trenton and am willing to meet anyone interested in these areas to deliver them. They are all ages 3-7. Most are incredibly friendly and docile, and were raised by hand, not purchased in a pet store. I adore them all but no longer have the time to give them the attention they deserve and would like to find them loving homes.

    Anyone interested doesn’t need to take all of them, however I’d prefer not to give them away in pairs any smaller than two as they did grow up together and most of them are family. If you take all three males, or all five ladies I will provide a very nice cage to go with them for free. If someone is interested in specific ones here’s some quick descriptions to help.


    -age seven, very active and has had several litters of pups.
    -age seven, a little shy and small, has also had several litters.
    -age five, really lazy and friendly, likes to be picked up & sit on your shoulder
    -age six, incredibly friendly and docile, will let anyone pick her up to be petted. Had glaucoma when she was younger and lost one eye. Tilts her head slightly to the left constantly because of an ear infection when she was young.
    -age three, very fast, active, with a long tail, does not really like being picked up, has never had any litters


    -age four, very skinny with only about a quarter of a tail.
    -age four, very big & healthy but has no tail.
    -age five, very friendly, has a small crook in the end of his tail that he was born with

    Send me an e-mail at if you’re interested or have a question.

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