Do I euthanize my rabbit?

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    I’m taking to him to the vet, but as a long term pet owner it’s clear the results will not be happy. I’m thinking of possible outcomes and which ones I’d pursue to cure and others I wouldn’t.

    He has been overweight for a majority of his life with a poopy butt. About a year ago I cut out all the pellets and he has been on hay only and he lost a big portion of weight. He is still chubby, but now he is in the normal realm of the world… and can reach his butt to lick. So this year he has been much more healthy than his last 5 years…

    Anyways, as with rabbits, sudden onset of symptoms. I’m sure he’s had symptoms for a long time and has hidden them if it’s what I think it is. He is lethargic, in pain (ears show it all), will NOT eat, has NO feist left in him (he had lets just say a lot prior), but he is ONLY drinking water.

    So I’m guessing yes maybe a blockage, but more possibly kidney failure/disease.

    If it is kidney related do I euthanize him? I have dealt with many dogs on their last legs of kidney failure and have always put them down.

    I have read ways to help extend his life if it is kidney disease… but is it worth it? Will he regain bunny-ness?

    Gimme opinions and cross your fingers it’s just a simple diagnosis. I’m expecting xrays and blood work but if it’s surgery, I will have to euthanize.


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