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    Hope Kevin

    Hi I am here to share with all of you some real facts about birds. I am sure that you all would find them useful. So here I am explaining 7 real facts about birds but these are not the only facts about birds and if any of you can share any other facts about any kind of birds then you are most welcome here.

    7 Real facts about Birds

    1. There are 29 groups in which birds are divided.

    Although birds are classified into numerous different classification systems, but here we recognize that there are 29 groups of birds, though this is not the only manner in which birds have been classified.

    2. According to the IUCN 9,865 species of birds are alive today.

    Among the 9,865 species of birds, there are 1,227 species that are considered threatened with extinction, 838 species are near threatened, 7,735 species are such that they are considered to be of least concern, and there is a lack of data for 65 species to determine their status.

    3. Archaeopteryx lithographical, the earliest known bird, lived about 150 million years ago during the Jurassic Period.

    Archaeopteryx was a bird species that possess a blend of reptilian and avian characteristics. It posses feathers and wings but it had a reptilian snout instead of a bill.

    4. Still uncertainty is shown by evolutionary biologists as to the origin of birds.

    Evolutionary biologists are not able to determine with much certainty which group of reptiles gave rise to birds due to the fact that sufficient detail is not given by the fossil record for early birds.

    All the research that has been made up till now currently supports the view that birds evolved from a group of dinosaurs known as theropods during the Mesozoic Era.

    5. Feathers are unique to birds.

    Feathers are a distinguishing characteristic of the group and this characteristic defines the group, this means simply that if an animal has feathers, then it is included in bird group.

    6. All birds are capable of reproduction by laying eggs.

    Depending on species eggs vary in size and color. There are only two pigments that contribute to the color of the shell, although there is a wide range of egg colors.

    7. Birds do not posses teeth.

    Birds do not have teeth and instead of that they have bills that are made of the protein keratin. There is a variety of shapes and sizes in which bird bills come in and they are adapted to the particular diet of each species.

    I hope that you all like my post and find it useful and interesting. 🙂

    If you know any other fact related to birds then please post it here so that we all can have more knowledge about birds.


    macon pets

    haven’t had a bird before but have been considering it. That was interesting.


    Jasmin steve

    I have many birds and i love them all. MY grey parrot is one of the most loving bird that i have from past 5 years and he keeps on impressing me by his talent.Your information is helpful for me, i have been through many web sites and researched a lot on this.

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